Master Gardeners Digging In

A dedicated group of Master Gardener volunteers, Park Staff and Friends of Moreau members helped support the park this summer. The group formed 4 years ago, meeting a couple times for planning....

Bird Conservation Area Program

Moreau Lake State Park is a designated Bird Conservation Area, (BCA), based upon it's Migratory Concentration Site status. The purpose of the Bird Conservation Area Program on state-owned...

Grant Cottage Open Weekends

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Hike Smart, Leave No Trace

Now that spring is here, more and more people will be anxious to get out and take in some serious hiking. NYS DEC has published a quick guide to help you Hike Smart - and also to Leave No Trace....

Harmful Algal Blooms AWARENESS

The presentation at our annual Chili Dinner via ZOOM, was by Casey Holzworth. Casey is the Regional Natural Resource Steward for the Saratoga-Capital District and Thousand Islands region for NYS Parks. Casey’s presentation was on Harmful Algal Blooms – better known as HABs.

You may have read recently they were also found in the Queen of America’s lakes – Lake George. This is troubling for our region.

Casey’s presentation was highly informative and timely. Please take a look to understand the identification, causes and what you can do to help – either in reporting the blooms or reporting violations.

DOWNLOAD the presentation.

GENERAL INFORMATION: It’s just not the lakes and ponds within the boundaries of state parks – HABS have been found in the High Peaks Region as well and the Champlain Lock System. Be vigilant as you hike in areas of the wilderness. Bring double the amount of water you think you need, especially for your canines. Click here for information of HABs reported throughout the state.


ATTENTION Dog Owners: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are toxic to dogs.  Do Not let your dogs or other domestic animals in the water.

For more information on HABs:


NYS DEC Harmful Algae Blooms and Dogs

NYS HABs Notification Page

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EPA Information on HAB

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USGS – The Science of HABs


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