Lost in the Woods?

If you are lost on a trail during the day, the first thing you can do is call the Park Office. Park Staff will talk with you and assess your situation and may be able to get you back to a known location so you may return safely. They may also dispatch staff or Friends volunteers who will search for you or meet up with you at a known location. During the initial call, Park Staff will also assess your condition to ensure you are safe. If necessary, they will engage the next level of emergency response via 9-1-1.

Moreau Lake State Park Office: 518-793-0511

If you are lost and feel you are in imminent danger, are injured or sick in the woods, DIAL 9-1-1 There is cell coverage throughout the park.

Other numbers:

DEC Forest Ranger Direct: 518-408-5850

NYS Park Police: 518-584-2004

Here is an EXCELLENT 2-pager that details how to be prepared and what to do if you are lost.

Lost in the Woods