Environmental Protection Fund PTNY Grant Awarded

Friends of Moreau Lake State Park receives grant to build an accessible trail that will include a kiosk at the new trailhead and interpretive signs, and link to an accessible fishing pier.

Moreau, NY – Friends of Moreau Lake State Park (FOMLSP) was awarded a $48,928 matching grant from the Environmental Protection Fund’s Park and Trail Partnership Grants program to build its first trail designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It will lead to an accessible fishing pier that has been approved for construction at the shore of Moreau Lake as an Eagle Scout project for Wilton Troop 24. FOMLSP will have to provide an additional $5,488 in matching funds, for a total of $54,416 total project budget.

The grant is one of 27 awards totaling $900,000 for organizations dedicated to the stewardship and promotion of New York’s state parks and historic sites, trails, and public lands. The grants will be matched with private and local funding and will support projects to strengthen Friends groups and enhance public access and recreational opportunities.

Friends groups—nonprofit organizations often made up entirely of volunteers—are essential to the stewardship and promotion of our state park system. These dedicated groups raise private funds for capital projects, perform maintenance tasks, provide educational programming, and promote public use through hosting special events.
The Park and Trail Partnership Grants are administered by Parks & Trail New York, a statewide non-profit organization, in partnership with the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

Parks & trails New York Executive Director Robin Dropkin said, “With more and more people discovering the outdoors, and visitation to our parks, trails, and public lands soaring, the need for strong public/public partnerships has never been greater. The Park and Trail Partnership Grants help bolster the role of Friends groups in these vital partnerships.”

Moreau Lake State Park amenities and trails were largely constructed without consideration for accessibility and differences in ability. We propose to install an accessible trail following part of an existing nature trail, with a new accessible trailhead adjacent to a parking area that will be reconfigured for accessibility to the trailhead. A sturdy, level trail fully compliant with the Architectural Barriers Act and Americans with Disabilities Act frameworks for accessibility will be constructed. A kiosk set low so that it is easily visible to seated individuals will inform patrons of what to expect when exploring this trail. Kiosk placards will include brail and raised features for non-sighted patrons. Interpretive signs describing the surrounding natural world in multiple sensory styles will be placed along the trail. Collaboration between FMLSP and Moreau Lake State Park is an essential feature of the project, and it helps engage the community in supporting the park. The project will involve at least 80 hours of volunteer labor. The trail will lead to an accessible platform and fishing pier that is an approved Eagle Scout project for Wilton, NY Troop 24. The troop welcomes your support of that project.

Moreau Lake State Park Manager Alan LaFountain said, “As the manager of Moreau Lake State Park I cannot express enough gratitude to the Friends of Moreau Lake State Park and The Saratoga/Capitol Regional Management for Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation for their true dedication to the stewardship and accessibility of the park. This project will be the launching point for a fully accessible trail system which leads to gardens and natural features that were not accessible to limited mobility and visually impaired patrons before. Moreau Lake State Park is one of those gems in the rough and everyone, despite physical limitations, should be able to experience it first-hand, and with this generous grant from Parks and Trails New York they will.”

FOMLSP President Mary Knutson said, “What an honor it is that the Friends of Moreau Lake State Park received a Park and Trails Partnership Grant. Friends members will partner with community groups and other volunteers to help build this unique and inclusive trail. Including an interpretative trailhead kiosk and signs along the trail will enhance the experience for our patrons who find conventional park amenities inaccessible. Planning the route of the trail to reach an accessible fishing pier is a further step toward welcoming visitors of all abilities. Friends of Moreau Lake State Park and MLSP staff look forward to working together to enrich the lives of all park visitors.”

The Friends of Moreau Lake State Park was incorporated in 1996. Four volunteers saw a need to partner with the park to enhance and protect its many features and resources. As the park expanded in area and land use so did the group. FOMLSP members are teachers, farmers, corporate executives, tradespeople and other business owners, professional and citizen scientists, home schooling parents, and retirees from all walks of life. Each contributes their unique knowledge and perspective, giving the group a diverse representation of the community we serve. Our volunteers have provided thousands of hours to enrich the park. The mission of FOMLSP is to partner with Moreau Lake State Park to enrich the experience for every park visitor by supporting environmental education, events, and stewardship.

To view a list of all Round 7 awardees, please visit: https://www.ptny.org/our-work/support/park-trail-partnership-program/awardees
More information on Park and Trail Partnership Grants can be found at www.ptny.org or by calling 518-434-1583.


Mary Knutson
(518) 335-1122 | President@fomlsp.org