Kayak Racks Ready to Go

The Kayak Racks were built during the I Love My Park Day event in May. Four (4) racks were completed and are ready for use. All (8) racks are completed and are placed near the boar ramp in the grassy area. Please check at the office for guidelines for usage of the racks. The commentary below describes the details of the grant that enabled this much needed resource to happen. The pictures below show what we are trying to avoid so your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Friends of Moreau Lake Received a Grant to build multiple boat racks for storing kayaks and limited number of row boats.
Gansevoort, NY – The Friends of Moreau Lake was awarded a $5,150.00 matching grant from the Environmental Protection Fund’s (EPF) Park and Trail Partnership Program to build multiple boat racks for storing kayaks and a limited number of row boats. The need is great. During the summer months, between 60 – 80 boats are stored off the shore of the lake at the tree line and then secured with cable and locks. This is necessary to protect the boats from theft or damage from summer storms. Friends of Moreau Lake will have to raise an additional $930.00 matching funds in matching funds, for a total of $6,080.00

The grant, announced on March 19 is one of 22 awards totaling $450,000 for organizations dedicated to the stewardship and promotion of New York’s State Parks and Historic Sites. The grants, funded through the EPF, will be matched by almost $150,000 in private and local funding and will support projects to strengthen Friends groups and enhance public access and recreational opportunities at state parks and historic sites across the state. The Park and Trail Partnership Program grants are administered by the State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation and Parks & Trails New York, a statewide non-profit group.

Friends groups—nonprofit organizations often made up entirely of volunteers—are essential to the stewardship and promotion of our state park system. These dedicated groups raise private funds for capital projects; perform maintenance tasks; provide educational programming; and promote public use through hosting special events.

Parks & trails New York Executive Director Robin Dropkin said, “It’s inspiring to see the transformational effect of the Park and Trail Partnership Program grants and how they are enhancing the ability of Friends groups to make an even greater contribution to the stewardship of New York’s great outdoor spaces. These grant funds will enable groups to leverage more private and federal funding, marshal more volunteer power, and augment the state’s historic investment in parks, trails and other public outdoor places.”
This grant will help protect the trees from further damage from the boats being cabled to the trunks of the trees and tearing the outer bark. Once the bark is damaged, it is prone to insect infestation, among those being invasive species. It will also protect the shoreline from erosion and enable safer access to the boats.

The Park and Trail Partnership Program grants are designed to:
• enhance the preservation, stewardship, interpretation, maintenance and promotion of New York State parks, trails, state historic sites and public lands;
• increase the sustainability, effectiveness, productivity, volunteerism and fundraising capabilities of not-for-profit organizations that promote, maintain and support New York State parks, trails, state historic sites and public lands; and
• promote the tourism and economic development benefits of outdoor recreation through the growth and expansion of a connected statewide network of parks, trails, greenways and public lands.

The Park and Trail Partnership Program grants are open to organizations that support parks, trails, historic sites and public lands, and are administered by PTNY, in partnership with OPRHP. More information about the grant program is available at http://ptny.org/our-work/support/park-trail-partnership-program

The Park and Trail Partnership Program, in addition to other grassroots efforts, complements the exciting revitalization and transformation of the entire State park system through Governor Cuomo’s NY Parks 2020 plan.

Parks & Trails New York is the leading statewide advocate for parks and trails, dedicated since 1985 to improving the health and quality of life of all New Yorkers by working with community organizations and municipalities to envision, create, promote, and protect a growing network of parks, trails, and greenways throughout the state for all to use and enjoy.

The mission of the Friends of Moreau Lake is to partner with Moreau Lake State Park to enrich the experience for every park visitor through education, events and stewardship.

More information on the Park and Trail Partnership Program can be found at www.ptny.org or by calling 518-434-1583.