Hike Spier Falls Overlook

The Spier Falls Hydroelectric Dam was completed in 1903 and at the time was the 4th largest dam in the world. You can view it today from one of the hiking trails – Spier Falls Overlook.

Spier Falls Overlook

There is plenty of parking at the Sherman Island Boat Launch – When you pick up the trail across from the Sherman Island Boat Launch, (about 200′ west of the launch across the road – there are flags posted), you can hike to the lookout using the Cottage Park (CP) trail which is marked orange. You will pass by a foundation that once housed a hotel for the workers as well as what remains of surrounding building’s foundations, now gone to time. Stay on CP to intersection 14 and bear to the right. You will then pick up Western Ridge marked yellow at intersection 6 making a left heading easterly. It is on this trail you will reach the overlook of the dam. Proceed down the trail to intersection 15 – this is where you will pick up the Western Ridge-Cottage Park connector in white and will take you back out to the road/boat launch. Plan on 1.5 hours and there are some steep ascents at the beginning which may be more suitable for advanced hikers. Bring plenty of water.

There are many other trail options using the Sherman Island Boat Launch parking as your base – Download the MAP HERE

Before you head out OR while at the overlook – take a look at this presentation and the following photographs to give you an idea of the magnitude of the construction at the time.

Click HERE  to download and/or view a great presentation of the history



Here we have for you an historical gallery taken in 1903. Double Click on the photo to enlarge.