Dog Walking in the Age of Social Distancing

We ask that in addition to keeping your own Social Distance that you respect others by keeping your dogs on leash. It is required while at the park and is the right thing to do – even though we all think our dogs are the best behaved in the world! Many of us are dog owners and depend on the park to exercise our companions and appreciate the natural environment. There are also many other people who may not be dog friendly or may be jogging or mountain biking and you may not hear them as they approach. The next thing you know, an accident happens.

So please, let’s all be respectful to everyone and ensure that our dogs will always be welcome at the park.

This is a too common sight on the trails and gives all of us dog owners a bad rap – so please – pick up after your dog and CARRY IT OUT. Thank you for your cooperation!

There are also recent guidelines from the CDC relating to our domestic animals that you may find valuable. Click HERE to learn more.