Canoe Planter Trail ready for spring!

Come to Moreau Lake State Park and walk the Canoe Planter Trail. The project began in the spring of 2022 with the idea to re-purpose 7 abandoned canoes and 1 row boat as planters to be placed throughout the park. It then turned into an incredible project that involved local schools and youth groups to design and paint the sides with a nature influenced theme.

With a Stewarts’ Holiday Match Grant, working together the Friend’s and Park Staff then kicked off the project by preparing, delivering and working with all the schools and groups to complete the project. The trail was designed by the the Friend’s Green Team and Park Staff taking into consideration key locations that have high visibility and access.

Participating Youth Groups:

Saratoga Springs High School

Cub Scout Pack 4024 – Wilton

Fort Edward UFSD

Fort Edward UFSD – Life Skills Class

Moreau Community Center – Bulldog Zone

St. Mary’s – St. Alphonsus Glens Falls – 4th Grade

United Sisters of New York, Inc.

Boy Scouts Troup 4024 and 4024G – Wilton

There are so many Friend’s and Park Staff to THANK for their time, hard work and incredible dedication to this project. We all truly appreciate the partnership we have built over the past 23 years and it keeps getting stronger. The Friend’s encourage anyone who has the desire to be part of a special group of like-minded community stewards to join us. And for those who’ve been with us from the start – we acknowledge and appreciate your continuous support! At the end of the day – without the support and participation of our entire community, we just wouldn’t have a park as beautiful and inspirational as ours. Thank you to everyone!

Check This Out!! – We have compiled the stories and inspirations from the youth groups, (in their words), which can be DOWNLOADED HERE

While at the park, download the map and go for a walk!

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The Saratoga Today article was submitted by Friend’s member, John Greenwood