Paths Less Taken

Stonewall Run Trail in Moreau Lake State Park is located on the northern side of the Hudson River just north of Spier Falls Dam. With more and more people coming to the park during the crisis, this may be a great alternative to avoid the crowds. The following is provided by the park educator:

The Stonewall run trail is a beautiful hike overlooking the Hudson. It is a hidden gem on the other side of the river that is a truly wonderful place to explore. This trail is about 3.5-miles round trip with some ups and downs that pass old foundations and a cool wetland area. The trail makes a loop heading down to the Hudson so you can start in either direction. 
Rating: Moderate

The loop will take about 2 hours due to ups/downs. You may want to pay notice to the extensive stone walls that go for miles and imagine when and how they may have been constructed with just human and horse power at the turn of the century. It is a very mature forest with little undergrowth that gives it a visual depth and a feeling of openness. There is also extensive blowdown of very large trees in sections from past storms that create a sense of awe as you stand next to their huge trunks. The park staff has done a great job of keeping the trail clear and well marked in BLUE.

If there are any history buffs out there and know about the origin and building of the stonewalls and cottages that may have existed, please let us know:

One more thing….this is a too common sight on our trails and gives responsible dog owners a bad rap. So please – pick it up and CARRY IT OUT so we can all enjoy our time spent in this beautiful place.

How to Get There

Take the Northway to Exit 18. and go west on Corinth Rd. (county route 28), towards Lake Luzerne. Go 6.3 miles to Hawk Rd. (on your left). Hawk Rd. will end at the entrance gate (0.4 miles). Proceed through the gate to the parking lot (0.4 miles).

*CAUTION* this is a single lane “jeep” road with uneven surface. Only vehicles with a higher clearance such as 4WD, trucks, compact SUVs are advised. Low profile vehicles may have difficulty. 

Click on map below to download.