Hike Lake Ann

Without a doubt, one of the most popular hikes at our Park is the Lake Bonita Loop. However, if you have a little more time and energy, one of the hidden jewels of Moreau Lake Park is Lake Ann. It is a small shallow body of water about 40 yards wide by 175 yards long. Not quite what I would consider a lake, but it is beautiful. It is ringed by sphagnum moss, along with blueberry bushes, and native spruce. There is also a recently refurbished Adirondack Lean-To where you can rest and have a snack.

There are several trails that connect up with the Lake Ann (LA) trail, including the Western Ridge (WR), the Eastern Ridge (ER), and of course from either end of Lake Bonita.

Article and photo by Jim Pierson, Friend’s Treasurer