Free Fishing Days

Free fishing without a license at Moreau – Every year, six days are designated in New York that allow people to fish without a fishing license. Two of those days are coming up so it’s a great time of year for those to try it for the first time or introduce someone new to the sport. (All other fishing regulations still apply.)

February 19-20

June 25-26

September 24

November 11 (thank you veterans!)

A reminder: PLEASE do not use lead based tackle!

Birds/geese will ingest weights/broken tackle that have become embedded or absorbed by their primary food source – fish. Help us prevent lead poisoning in the food chain. Please read below from NYS DEC:

Non-toxic Sinkers and Jigs
The loss of sinkers and lures is a routine part of fishing. Unfortunately, lost sinkers, especially split shot, may be mistaken for food or grit and eaten by waterbirds such as ducks, geese, swans, gulls, or loons. Toxic effects of even a single lead sinker can cause birds to sicken and increases the risk of death through predation, exposure, or lead poisoning.

As responsible anglers, we should seek to reduce the unintended effects on the natural environment and leave no trace of our presence. A trip to your favorite tackle shop will reveal a variety of alternatives to lead split shot, sinkers and jig heads. By switching to non-toxic sinkers with your next purchase, you can assure that your fishing tackle choices are helping to reduce the risk of lead poisoning to birds.

New York State passed legislation that will prohibit the sale of certain lead sinkers. Beginning in May 2004, the sale of lead fishing sinkers (including “split shot”) weighing one-half ounce or less will not be permitted.


For more information on 2021 Free Fishing days from NYS DEC click HERE