Bird Conservation Area Program

Moreau Lake State Park is a designated Bird Conservation Area, (BCA), based upon it’s Migratory Concentration Site status. The purpose of the Bird Conservation Area Program on state-owned lands and waters is to “safeguard and enhance populations of wild birds native to New York State and the habitats therein that birds are dependent upon for breeding, migration, shelter, and sustenance.”

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The New York State Bird Conservation Area Program was established in 1997 to safeguard and enhance bird populations and their habitats on state lands and waters. The goal of the Bird Conservation Area (BCA) Program is to integrate bird conservation interests into agency planning, management and research projects, within the context of agency missions.

Below is a map of the area at Moreau. As spring approaches you may find returning migratory birds throughout the park. The Friends build a bird blind several years ago at Mud Pond. Do the Nature Trail hike and take a moment to observe the variety of species getting ready to nest.

DOWNLOAD a map of the MLSP BCA