Swimmer’s Itch at Moreau Lake

State Parks continues to work in close and daily consultation with the State Department of Health and will adhere to their specialized guidance regarding this common lake water organism. First and foremost anyone with any health concerns are urged to always and immediately contact their health care provider and local health department. The Glens Falls District Office of the Department of Health is also available to answer questions pertaining to water quality and can be reached at 518-793-3893. State Parks continues to inform and educate all visitors at Moreau Lake State Park for what we believe are cases of swimmers itch. Education materials are available in the park office, at the entrance booth and lifeguard station. Anyone with questions also can feel free to call the Moreau Lake Park Office at 518-793-0511.


To minimize any health reactions while swimming we encourage all to:

  • Thoroughly dry off your body after exiting the water
  • Shower after swimming in fresh and salt water
  • Stay within the guarded swimming areas as these waters are tested regularly
  • Do not feed ducks, which can contribute to the spread of the common lake organism that can cause swimmers itch.

DOWNLOAD Facts about Swimmer’s Itch From NYS Parks

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