New Bridge Completed

At the end of 2018, the Friends received a grant from Parks & Trails New York to build kayak racks and a kayak launch.  Beginning June 2019, a small crew built 8 kayaks racks that are located near the boat launch. As we approached the procurement of a kayak launch, once the specifications were finalized it became cost prohibitive based upon the available funds remaining from the original grant. Our Friend’s grant writer, Nancy Dwyer, worked with PTNY to allow us to reallocate the funds for projects needed at the park and in keeping with our mission. NYS Parks Marine Services then stepped in and procured the kayak launch that will be installed next season.

Working with the Park Staff, we identified (2) other projects we could complete that were needed to improve and safeguard the park and visitors. Those projects were the split rail fence and the pedestrian bridge connecting the east and west sides of the lake at the northern end.

The split rail fence was completed in July 2020 with 3 Friends members. The bridge project required more planning to minimize the impact to the park visitors and with consideration of COVID guidelines. The work finally got underway October 19, 2020 and was completed in 6 days.

The project was led by Friend’s member Don Stewart with support by John Foster, Jim Pierson and Mary Knutson. Park staff jumped in to work as well and involved Kevin, Josh, Aaron, Tom and Wayne. It was a lot of hard work and we’re all appreciative for the professional outcome.

The final result is a beautiful, safe bridge that will last for many years to come. So – why not get outside, take in some fresh air and go for a walk along the bridge!

This project was made possible by: