Meet the Park Staff

Moreau Lake State Park is recognized for it’s beauty, camping, hiking experiences and conservation practices in providing a fantastic visitor experience. Behind the scenes, the dedicated, hard working staff make it their life’s work in providing this experience.  It is no small task and we owe it all to the dedicated and professional Park Staff. We are also proud of the strong working relationship between the Friends group and the staff. Please get to know them below, (in no particular order – more staff bios to be added):

Name: Kevin J. Dinon
Title: Assistant Park Manager
Years at Moreau: I started at Moreau in August. I have had 10 years of state park service. Before accepting the position at Moreau I was the Campground Manager at Cherry Plain State Park.
Responsibilities: My responsibility here at Moreau is to make sure all of the departments run smoothly while improving the overall experience for our patrons.
Favorite part of the job: My favorite part of the job is being able to offer an outdoor recreation space for those who may not have the access in their normal day to day life.


Name: Floyd Armlin
Title: Park Manager 2
Years at Moreau: Began at Moreau September 1, 2019, began with Parks in 2012
Responsibilities: I have an extensive background in construction, the trades and customer service. My favorite part of the job, outside of the natural beauty everywhere, is the people. Each person has a unique perspective. Everyone you meet is an opportunity to learn!


Name: Gary Hill
Title: Park Naturalist
Years at Moreau: 20 years at Moreau
Responsibilities: Teaching nature programs, kayak tours, guiding hikes and ski trips
Favorite part of the job: Teaching nature programs, kayak tours, guiding hikes and ski trips


Name: Rebecca Mullins
Title: Park Educator
Years at Moreau: I am going into my 9th year at the park and worked as an SCA intern at Spa Park for two years before that.
Responsibilities: I am a part of the team of three educators in the park. We carry out all school programming, public programming, lead hikes and staff our beautiful nature center.  I also do a lot of animal care as well as continuously research for better care for our 5 turtles, 2 snakes and hive of bees.
Favorite part of the job: My favorite part of my job… that’s a really hard question.   I love almost everything about my job… I would have to say that my favorite part of my job is when I get to teach school groups.  I have a very special place in my heart for the kids who are always being yelled at or corrected by their teacher.  I really enjoying having those specific children enjoy my trip and be my helper during class.  Sometimes I have them hold a snake to show to their classmates or give them a special task they can feel proud of.  It gives the teacher a break from worrying about the child and gives the child a space to connect with the topic, it also allows them to take directions from someone different.  Its really neat to see a child have pride and ask questions… even if they forget to raise their hand 😉 My favorite topic to teach is beavers. I love mushrooms and my favorite food after a long day… mac and cheese.


Name: Maranda Welch
Title: Assistant Environmental Educator
Years at Moreau: This will be my third year here at Moreau including 1 year of an internship.
Responsibilities: I lead hikes and teach people about nature and wildlife here at the park, including our honey bees, turtles and snakes. I also take care of these animals.
Favorite part of the job: I have a lot of favorite parts. Being able to teach people cool facts that they never knew before, being able to spread my love for the environment, getting people outside, and getting to hang out with cool critters are some of them.


Name: Cliff Logan
Title: Office Manager
Years at Moreau: 8 years at Moreau, 11 years total with NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation
Responsibilities: Office Manager – overseeing office duties, accounting and other clerical duties.
Favorite part of the job: Always keeping busy