Open Space Institute, Saratoga PLAN and the Palmertown Range

Palmertown Range Video Series
It’s here! The first of a 4-part series about the effort to conserve the Palmertown Range.

Already, there are wonderful public trails to take you from water level at Moreau up to the ridge of the Palmertown Range. And with the recent addition of more than 1000 acres of land adjacent to the park, along with the McGregor parcel, big strides have already been made heading south toward Lincoln Mountain State Forest in the Town of Greenfield. Daniels Road State Forest, at the southern end of the proposed trail network, already has an established network of mountain biking trails.

The southern end of the trail will eventually link up with the Saratoga Greenbelt Trail, which in turn will be connected to other trail networks around Saratoga Springs and ones headed south and east to the Mohawk River/Erie Canalway Trail and the Hudson River/Champlain Canalway Trail.

Saratoga PLAN, partnering with the Open Space Institute and Alta Planning and Design, conducted a series of community engagement events that brought citizens and experts together to explore the ecosystems of the area. These events were supported by funding from New York State’s Conservation Partnership Program for land trusts, helping to accomplish New York’s Open Space goals. The events were followed up by two surveys and key stakeholder interviews.

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The Palmertown Range: Overview