Trail Riders enjoy Moreau

Saratoga Back Country Horsemen, founded in 2014, is a membership organization that helps keep trails open for all through trail building, maintenance, planning and development and advocacy. They are trail riders who work collaboratively with public agencies and other trail recreation groups.

Their origins began through the Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension Equine Program.

Their mission is to promote the use of trails on public lands & in wilderness areas and to help with their maintenance for use by all. The Saratoga BCH have made many contributions to Moreau Lake State Park as stewards in the protection and support of the land. Their contributions include participation in I Love My Park Day, multiple trail clean up days – organized and managed by themselves, exhibitors in Nature Fest as well as financial donations. They have worked throughout the park including Lake Ann, Lake Bonita and back trails beyond the ridge.

The members are all local, lifelong experienced horsemen and women who love the outdoors and desire to keep it open and safe for all to share. If you meet them on the trails, stop and chat. If you’ve never petted a horse before – ask if you can and you’ll be rewarded with that special head nod and deep gaze from a very special animal.

For more information please contact Saratoga Back Country Horsemen