Lake Ann Lean-To Rescued

This past fall, Boy Scout Troop 24 lead by Scout Evan Schmid and volunteers from Lean2Rescue, (Mr. Oehler and Mr. Davis) took on the project of completely renovating the Lean-To at Lake Ann. The project took many months of planning and organizing the logistics to get equipment and materials to the site. Evan worked directly with the Park to acquire access, plan approvals and support.

A big thank you also goes out to Pettey’s Sawmill in Wilton for donating the logs to enable the project to go forward. As many of you may recall, Pettey’s Sawmill also donated the 20′ pole we used to raise the osprey nest back in 2017. We are all grateful to the larger community for their support  – this was a collective effort that continued to enhance and maintain our beautiful park and we thank everyone for their participation.


For more information about the lean-to, go take a hike to it!!!  You can park at the northern most lot on Spier Falls Road, at the bend of the Hudson – pick up the Western Ridge (yellow), follow that to Eastern Ridge (dark blue). Intersection #13, then head south on the Lavender Trail to Lake Ann. Pack a lunch, water and snowshoes for this time of year.