Friend’s Member Jim Pierson, Science Guy!

Jim recently demonstrated the impact of soil erosion and the establishment and importance of wetlands in the evolution of stream beds. When soil is displaced by flowing streams that have unprotected shore lines and stream beds, valuable nutrients and minerals flow down stream and are lost forever. When shoreline marshes expand, they act to retain these nutrients and minerals allowing for more growth and habitat for animals and birds. He also showed how beaver dams impact the surrounding wetlands and had a hefty beaver log on hand to show just how strong these not so little guys can be! He demonstrated this at the recent Whiz, Bang, Pop – Children’s Science Fair sponsored by Sustainable Saratoga.

Jim built the water table using mortar, chicken wire, magnets, sponges and water proof paint. The table measures 6′ x 30″

Jim is the treasurer for Friends of Moreau Lake and a retired science teacher. He will also be exhibiting at our annual NatureFest, September 14. Be sure to stop by and visit when you’re there.