Master Gardeners Volunteer at the Park

A dedicated group of Master Gardener volunteers, Park Staff and Friends of Moreau members helped support the park this summer. The group formed last winter, meeting a couple times for planning prior to their kick-off during the “I Love My Park Day”. Lead by Master Gardener (MG) Marcia Martin, the group provided improvements and bi-weekly maintenance to several landscape features around the park. Projects included:

  • The rain garden near the Palmerton Pavilion adjacent to the Nature Center. Here they weeded, mulched, relocated and added more plant material, provided regular watering and aeration to help it to flourish on it’s own.
  • The two gardens/raised beds in front of the beach house – they constructed the frame for the beds and provided regular maintenance. They introduced certain plant species that helped to provide nutritional vegetation for the Nature Center turtle’s diets as well as milkweeds for the monarch butterflies.
  • Cultivated and added plant material to the front of the bath houses located in the winter cabins – Loop A
  • Additional raised beds located around the beach house and Nature Center.

Members of the team includes Master Gardeners Marcia Martin, Sharon Arpey, Kris O’Brien, Anne Kauth and Susan Huners. Supporting the Master Gardeners are Park Educator Rebecca Mullins, Assistant Environmental Educator Maranda Welch, Park Educator Intern, Elizabeth Bertolini, Friends of Moreau President, Mary Knutson, Friends of Moreau Secretary, Malina Stawarz, Friends of Moreau Treasurer, Jim Pierson and Friends of Moreau member Bruce McFarlane. Contributors from Cornell Cooperative Extension include Kris Williams and Blue Ryder Neils.

Their goals for 2019 include:

  • more sustainable gardens for the bees,
  • educational signage for the many landscapes,
  • developing a new pathway from the office cabin to the ticket booth,
  • improvements to the compost pile near the Nature Center
  • Adding new plant material as the budget allows

All volunteers are welcome to join and help out as you are able. You DO NOT need to be a Master Gardener or a Friend of Moreau – you just need a love for the outdoors and the environment. If you are interested for 2019 please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within two days.

The mission of the Master Gardener Volunteer Network is to prepare volunteers to be peer educators who build relationships with community audiences to integrate local experience and research based knowledge in planning for and initiating steps to manage gardens, lawns, and landscapes with an emphasis on food security and environmental  stewardship. For more information: Cornell Garden Based Learning